Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Waiting on...Fall

I always go a bit crazy towards the end of summer time. I just LOVE fall so much. It is my favorite time of year. Here is why...

It's not too hot or too cold!
No heat and no ac (still just a tiny unit in our bedroom) = perfection! And, hate to say it, but I love the rain! Except when it messes up my hair ;)

Need I say more? 

I'm a huge soup lover. I could eat it every single day for lunch. I love making a big pot of soup on Sunday and finishing it thought out the week.

Pumpkin everything. 

I cannot wait to try this recipe!

I could live in them. I wear boots almost every day from October - May. I'm a boots kind of girl. I hate wearing regular shoes in summer. 

Pretty Leaves...

Do you ever just want to curl up in a big comfy sweatshirt and lay on the couch with a heated blanket?? I can't wait for that kind of weather. 

Apple Cider and Hard Cider. 
Yum! Even though I drink this anyway, it just feels like the right time to drink it in the fall. 

Ahh I just cannot wait for all of this :) I'm so excited. Linking up with Holly for Waiting on Wednesday


  1. I knew we were Soul Sisters! I love everything on your list! Except I wish fall came ALOT earlier here in Louisiana!

  2. I'm totally craving fall too, I've been pinning pumpkin everything and wishing I could wear all my new fall clothes. Except it's supposed to be 90 here today. Haha. I need to enjoy summer while it lasts though!!

  3. I could cry now thinking of all these fall things I love! I love to buy boxed cake mix and mix it with a can of pumpkin and bake it. Easiest pumpkin bread ever! You don't need any other ingredients! But adding chocolate chips makes it even better.

  4. EEK! this makes my heart happy!!!! You best believe I will be trying that pumpkin recipe...and probably like a thousand others :)

  5. I can't wait for Fall either, bring on the boots and scarves!

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  6. I love all of these things about Fall...I'm just not quite ready for it yet. I'd still be ok with summer lasting just a tad longer :)

  7. you just got me so excited about fall! I'm moving to Seattle at the end of Oct from California and I'm so looking forward to some leaves and cooler weather and all the goodies you mentioned in this blog!

  8. You and I are DEF on the same page here!! :) Thanks for linking up today! xo

  9. As I was reading this I just kept nodding yes, yes, yes, can't wait for that either, yes! SO ready for Fall this year!

  10. Me too!!! I've been craving all things fall lately and I feel like I can barely stand to wait!