Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blogger Things: Tips & Tricks #3

This is the next edition in my Tips and Tricks series where I talk about the things I have learned from the blog world. 
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7. West Coasters, Schedule Your Posts to Go Live Really Early
A lot of bloggers read blogs first thing in the morning. That means if they are anywhere besides the West Coast, they probably don't get to read your post until the next day. I like to make sure that my post goes live at 3am, which is early enough for others in different time zones to read before they go to work. I mean soooo many of my blog friends live in Texas!

8. Comment!!
Commenting is the very best way to get to know other bloggers. The worst thing you can do is write a comment like "this is good post!" because really you probably didn't even read it. We all love people who actually read our blogs, not just visit and look at the pics ;) Make sure to leave genuine comments that show you actually care or have something in common. Every blogger loves comments...from bloggers and nonbloggers!

9. Link Ups
I love link ups. The blog world can be VERY overwhelming. There are so many blogs you could possibly read. Link ups allow you to find blogs that are writing about a specific topic, which is probably something you like too since you are linking up! I have found some of my very favorite bloggers through linkups. Also, it is a great way to find bloggers all over the world! I have found a lot of bloggers in the PNW through linkups. It is always fun to find bloggers that live near you. When I first started blogging I would feel so nervous to do a link up. I initially thought they were kind of exclusive, like the same people post all the time. But really they aren't at all! There are new bloggers on the linkups all the time, that is kind of the point.
Here are some of my favorite link ups:

10. No Reply Blogger
I didn't even know what this meant for a long time. Basically, it means that if you comment on a post, the person cannot respond to you via email. The only way you would be able to see their response would be to go back to that post and read the comments. This is really important for building relationships with other bloggers!
You can check out this tutorial to find out how to fix it. And thanks to Julie over at City Style Country Living for teaching me this a few months ago!

That is all for today! I hope you learned something :)


  1. always your tips and tricks are on point!!! I have to check out the no reply tutorial! Always looking for good link ups too :)

  2. So many bloggers are no reply! I'm always going over to their page and letting them know that I responded to their comment and that they're a no reply blogger. You know I've actually met new bloggers by looking at the comments of regular bloggers I read. That's how I found your blog :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. Ugh the super generic comments bug me so much! Especially when I get this comment, go do some blog reading and see the same person posted the same exact comment on other blogs too. The no reply thing is definitely huge. I usually don't bother responding to comments on my page if they're no reply because I assume they won't come back to check! And yes, commenting and getting comments is the best. And so are link-ups. And I should probably set my posts to post earlier...sigh.

  4. Love your tips and tricks, keep 'em coming! That is genius to set your blog post earlier, and so simple! I love linking up, it's such a fun way to meet new bloggers!

  5. i've found that 6:30 am pacific time is my sweet spot… posts i schedule for that time do so much better than any other time.

  6. Great tips! So glad you mentioned the no-reply blogger thing too...I did a post on this once as I am so said if I can't respond directly to a reader. We would love to have you join our monthly Queen Bees month will be up tomorrow and it will be live all month.