Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Queen Bee Linkup - Ashley

I'm participating in a new linkup this month called Queen Bees. Each month you discuss someone that inspires you and why! How fun is that? I thought I would take this linkup as a time to really think about the people in my life and what I truly admire about them. For my first month I'm going to be talking about my friend Ashley!
She truly is such a beautiful person inside and out. 

I met Ashley back in college. We had a ton of classes together and it just kind of happened that we needed to be friends to get through them all. I immediately realized that we were a lot alike. We loved to have everything organized and in its place. We were crazy note takers and loved to make insane color coded study guides for tests. We worked so well together. Once I got to know her a bit outside of the classroom I realized what a huge heart she has. Eventually, we became roommates and I knew we would always be friends. 

Soon afterwards she got engaged and was planning a wedding. She was my first close friend to get married and I got to be her maid of honor! It was so fun to see her planning the wedding and finding the love of her life! She has a great husband who is definitely the perfect match for her. Over the past few years she has had two gorgeous children. She has also taken on a huge role at her family's business. 

I admire her for so many reasons. The biggest one being that she truly has a gift for balancing her work life and home life. She really works her butt off, but her family always comes first. With all of that on her shoulders she manages to keep up relationships with her friends and makes me feel like I'm still a huge priority in her life. Luckily, our company have started to work together over the past two years, which makes it easy for us to see each other pretty often. Even so, we have always remained friends. She is someone that I can go to with anything and she is always going to be on my side. I hope to be like her someday when I'm a mom too! I hope I can keep it all together like she does. 

Her sweet little family melts my heart every time I get to see them! 
I'm excited for this linkup and to share some other people who are important to me in the future. You should linkup too! Queen Bees Linkup with Katy at Queen of the Kings and Shelly at Queen In Between


  1. So nice to meet your friend, Ashley! College friends make life long friendships!

  2. Friends like Ashley are the best! I love that even though she is busy with her life she still keeps up her friendships...not everyone is good at that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for linking up Katie!

  3. What a sweet post! Sounds like Ashley is a pretty great friend :)

  4. Such a sweet tribute! Ashley sounds like an amazing woman!

  5. I hope she reads this and knows how much you appreciate her and her friendship, always nice to hear :) One of my best friends is from college too. It's fun to go through life together and see your relationship evolve.

  6. This is so sweet! Such a good link up. Ashley sounds like an amazing friend!!

  7. Aww! This is a beautiful tribute to your friendship with Ashley!! :)

  8. What a sweet tribute to Ashley. This work-life balance thing IS super tough and I love that she makes time not just for her family but her friends too. It's easy to get caught up in the mess of life and not slow down to enjoy it. Thanks for linking up!

  9. Your admiration for her shows in your words. Lovely friend. Visiting from Tuesday Talk and I appreciate you sharing your friend with us this week.