Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Back to School Traditions

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. The topic is Back to School Traditions. 
Well none of us are in school right now, but I just LOVE this time of year. Most schools around here don't start until September, so we still have some time. But here are some things we make sure to do during this time of year:

#1: Donate school supplies:
We always buy a bunch of school supplies when they are on sale and donate them. Whether it is to a family that we know or to a school that is in need, I love to do this. It is fun for me and I LOVE school supplies. 
Target has some amazing deals during this time of year. 
I specifically love planners :) I have my eye on this one:

#2: Supplies Galore: 
Seriously. I'm not in school and I don't have any children, but I always think of this as a good time to spruce up my office supplies :) Or you know just get some cute office type things for at home...that we probably don't need. 
These are my favorite notebooks, even for work. I love how they are sorted out into 4 different categories. Plus the pages are the perfect thickness. They are totally work the cost :)

#3: New Work Clothes:
I mean everyone deserves a new pair of boots and a few sweaters right? You definitely need some new leggings and pajama pants for cooler weather too!

#4: New Game Day Gear:
We always get at least one new thing for game day during this time of year. You have to get it before it starts selling out when the season starts. I usually go shopping for Beavs clothes before the 1st game of the year with Julianne :) it is so fun! I'm thinking these Seahawk sweatshirts :)
I love this time of year for so many reasons. I just wish fall would get here sooner :)

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  1. Love all your ideas and especially the planner from Target! Hope I can find a cute one at our store!

  2. So fun!!! I love having adult back to school. I think I just took care of that for myself with the Nordstrom sale ... lol!!

  3. I'm not going to lie...I'm seriously jealous of all the people back to school shopping! Love school supplies & new school clothes!

  4. That planner is the cutest one I've ever seen. I wish I could make myself use one.

  5. I LOVE that you donate school supplies, what a wonderful thing to do!

    Target has the best planners and notebooks. I bought a lot of my journals from there.

    I am a Chicago Bears fan through and through, but the Seahawks have such cute colors! Haha. I'm moving up to Seattle this fall and I know how aggressive those hawks fans are, so I better watch out huh?

  6. Yes!! As a parent I LOVE that you donate back to school supplies. That is awesome! There are so many children in my kid's school that are lacking the basic things, and the kindness of others is so amazing to see.
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  7. I always always always get a new planner. That's my favorite part!! Get new clothes to make an outfit is a blast too. Don't you wish you were going back to school? Take my place for senior year of college ;)

  8. I love that you donate school supplies -- such a great idea! And I also love replenishing our football wardrobes at the end of each summer too. We're in Steeler's Country over here, so it's all about new black & gold gear! :)

  9. I am a school supplies junkie!!!! I have to restrain myself this time of year!!!

  10. GO GET THAT PLANNER. seriously. target planners sell out… i'd had my eye on one for the beginning of the year and it sold out in an instant and i was SO DISTRAUGHT. get it RIGHT NOW!