Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: September Edition

I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer today for What's Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week...
We have been going out to dinner. Like A LOT more than usual. This is mostly because we are in the process of moving and are trying to make time for as many Portland friends as possible over the past two week. 
What I'm reminiscing about...
Well we have definitely been reminiscing about all of the good times we have had in Portland. We really have loved it here and it has been home for so many years. We are so sad to leave our place! It has just been perfect for us. We are so sad to leave everyone we love here, but we are hoping to find so many new opportunities up there. 
What I'm loving...
Having my own computer :) I just recently started realizing how much J and I argue over the darn thing. I finally bit the bullet and got my own. Since, you know, I really need it for all of my blogging!
What we've been up to...
The past two weekends have been spent with my BFF and her husband. We went camping two weekends ago and we hung out last weekend too. We are so excited to live closer to them and get to spend more time together. 

What I'm dreading...
Packing. Since we will be moving this month we are going to be packing up our whole place. I hate packing. I'm super OCD about it so I don't really even let Justin help that much. I just want to know where everything is when I need it. But it makes for a huge hassle. 
 What I'm working on...
Letting go. Leaving my old job was really really hard for me. I have great relationships with my old coworkers and clients. Leaving was not easy at all. But I know it is what I needed to do for myself. It is still hard because I worry about the clients not being able to reach me. I'm working on letting go and realizing that they will be just fine with all of the others at my old office :)
What I'm excited about...
New job, new city, new opportunities! Ah everything. We are both excited and nervous about it all. But mostly excited. 

And also FALL. I love fall. And I can't wait to wear all of the scarves we all posted about earlier this week. It is torture looking at them and not being able to wear them. 
What I'm watching/reading...
Since I post about reading next week, I will share what I'm watching. The list is REALLY long right about now. 
Grey's Anatomy
How to Get Away With Murder
Dancing with the Stars

What I'm listening to...
We are obsessed with Macklemore's Downtown here in this house.
What I'm wearing...
Since I started my new job this week I have been wearing a lot of these pants:
But mostly dresses :) I HATE PANTS!
What I'm doing this weekend...
Justin and I are going to look at some potential places to live and try to make a more solid plan for moving. Hopefully hanging out with some family too!
What I'm looking forward to next month...
We are going to WSU for the Beavs game and get to hang out with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We had a blast last time we went and we are really excited to go again this year. 
What else is new...
Just about everything. Our life is just nuts right now. 
What's your favorite Halloween tradition...
Okay, so this might be crazy to you all, but I HATE halloween. I never really liked it as a kid either. I never wanted to pick out a costume and I just kind of dreaded it. Maybe it is because my mom hates Halloween too. I don't know. Anyway, Justin has all of these traditions and movies he loves. I just like passing out candy to all of the cute little kids who come to our door. I'm pretty boring ;) 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I Love Reading, and You Can Too!

Molly over at Colors Of Life Blog asked me to guest blog for her "Why I Love ____" series today! Of course, I automatically thought to write about why I love reading. Especially because Molly and I host our Bookworm Wednesday Linkup together, it seemed like the perfect outlet to talk about my love for reading. Pop over to Molly's blog today and say hello!
And...don't forget to link up for Bookworm Wednesday next Wednesday (10/7) and review your latest reads. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Things: Scarves

I'm linking up with 2 of my faves, Erika and Andrea, today to talk about our favorite scarves. My list is more of a must buy list. I only have one of these so far. But we will see what my closet looks like by the end of the week...after I read all your posts about scarves. 
Well, if you know me at all you know that I have a serious obsession with scarves. It is really bad. Last year I had to ban myself from buying any scarves at all. But my mom came to my rescue and bought me a bunch for Christmas. I might just have to splurge and buy a few for this year. I mean plaid is I feel like I need a few plaid choices.
I'm seriously loving all of the plaid options. And doesn't everyone need a good blanket scarf? I have one from when I went to China, but I feel like the colors in this one are so different and cute. Love it!

Well I love me some animal print. I have a leopard scarf, but what I love about this one is that the colors are very muted. 

My friend Corinne bought me this scarf a few years ago. It is so big and warm and comfy! I love that you can unbutton it and it can be worn in a million different ways. I can throw it on with just about anything. 

I bought a pink scarf that is similar to this one at Nordstrom back in May. This one comes in a bunch of other colors. I love having a go to black scarf for the winter. I think this just might be the one for this year! 

I saw this fringe scarf on Shay's blog a few weeks ago and have been wanting one ever since. It is just so cute and I feel like it is different from any of the other solid colored scarves that I have.

This one is probably my favorite. It comes in two other colors. I spotted it on Shelly the other day in her Instagram post. It is on sale and I feel like I NEED it asap. I might even stop by Old Navy today because I just want it that bad. 

Yay for scarf season :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Final Friday Finance 9.25.15

Hi everyone! We are back at it this week with another installation of Final Friday Finance. Stephanie and I are so excited to link up with all of you and learn a thing or two about money. Since I'm currently going through a job change, I thought I would share a few things to make these types of transitions easier.

1. Review Benefits
I know this can be super overwhelming for most people. We like to call this analysis paralysis. Basically, when there are so many decisions to be made at once people get extremely overwhelmed and don't make any decision at all. If you let your benefits sit without making a decision for a year, you could be missing out on some tools to help you in the future. Don't wait on this! Take advantage of it asap and make a decision. Many companies offer resources to better understand the options available to their employees. 

2. Take Advantage of the New Retirement Plan
Find out when you are eligible to participate in the new retirement plan. If you are financially healthy, start contributing as soon as possible. If your company offers a match you should take full advantage of it. Your employer is leaving free money on the table for you. All you have to do is participate in the plan too. 

3. Review Your Old Retirement Plan Options
Usually there are multiple options when you leave a company and you have been participating in their 401k. Depending on the rules you may be able to leave your money right where it is. You could also potentially roll it over into your new 401k plan. It might even make sense to put it into a Rollover IRA. Do what makes the most sense for your situation.

4. Ask About Your Leftover Paid Time Off
Not all states require employers to pay out remaining PTO hours when an employee leaves. Even in the states where it is not required employers may pay your vacation days out of appreciation. It never hurts to ask what the policy is for left over vacation hours. You may be pleasantly surprised (yay, I was!).

5. Reset Your Financial Goals
When you make big changes in your life you will want to review your financial goals and reset things going forward. Your income will likely change in some way, you may have to move, your spouse may need to find a new job, current goals could become reality. It is important to have your priorities straight when you are going through big changes. For us, we always say "what would be the next most important thing" in a financial sense. It really helps!

If all of this seems incredibly overwhelming I can assure you that you are not alone. Ask questions and make decisions. You will be happy you did later!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Own It: Eating Habits

I'm joining Christina over at The New Mrs. for Own It today. In this link up we own all of our craziness for others to read. This month I have decided to talk about food. I'm so weird about food. I have been for most of my life. And, if you can't even believe it by the end of this post, I have gotten so much better about it over the years. I'm still slightly nuts about it though. 

****I somehow missed the memo that this link up isn't happening anymore.****

My biggest thing is textures. I cannot eat things that have a weird texture. For example, mushrooms...yeah I'm already gagging just thinking about it. I don't eat any kind of Seafood because it all has a weird texture. My family has always thought that one was the craziest because they all love Seafood. How can you not when you live in the Pacific Northwest? Just no. I can't do it. Oh and then there is the whole yogurt/pudding texture. I can't really handle that either. I always think that yogurt sounds like a great breakfast food. Then it just sits in the fridge until it goes bad. Oh and eggs. Justin loves to eat eggs and omelets. Unless they are scrambled with a ton of cheese, I can't do it.
Another hard one for me is beans. I really don't eat any beans. Okay, well I do eat green beans. But no black beans, refried beans, chili, garbanzo  beans (or hummus), none of that type of stuff. I blame it on my dad actually. When I was a little kid gave me a spoonful of beans and told me it was chunky peanut butter. I will leave out the rest of the story, but he scared me for life. No beans for me.
I also cannot stand touching raw meat. Like sometimes I actually gag. Thank goodness Justin loves to cook. Otherwise we would be living a very vegetarian life. I usually do okay with chicken if Justin takes it out of the package and washes it ahead of time. But other than that, no way Jose!
I'm really weird about desserts too. I'm sure you figured since I'm so weird about pudding and yogurt. Growing up I would not eat cake. I wouldn't come near it. I have since decided that the cake part is great, but the frosting part is what I don't like. It is mostly frosting on store bought cakes when it is really thick. Homemade frosting I love! And then there is cheesecake, which everyone says is so amazing...but I just can't do it. That one comes back to the texture issue. 

Looking at all of these pics just makes me feel sick!

What foods are you weird about? I have way too many, I know ;)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Guest Blogging for Julie!

I'm guest posting over at Julie's blog Say Yes to Happy today!! Julie asked me to do a guest post while she is visiting Chicago this week. Go check out her blog and show her some love :) plus you can read about why I love blogging and how I got started. 

See you back here tomorrow for Own It!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twosday 9.22.15

Today I'm joining up with one of my faves, Stephanie, for a TWOsday post. It is really easy, you should join in. You just have to post about 2 thing. Get it? Yeah, you do. Because it is so easy.

#1 This Shirt
Thanks to Mattie, I fell in love with shirt. It finally came in the mail over the weekend so naturally I wore on Monday. Everyone I saw made some sort of compliment about how cute the shirt is! Plus I have been trying to add more patterned and non-black stuff to my wardrobe. I feel like I knocked it out with this one. 

#2 Dress Pants
I seriously have a huge problem with dress pants. They DO NOT fit me. Something is always weird. For real. So I have been on the hunt for some new pants for my new job. I have literally tried on at least 50 pairs of pants...probably closer to 100 in the past few weeks. It took me so long to find some that actually fit, which made me want to share them even more.

So here are my two things :) 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Camping Edition

We were camping with the Mackey's this weekend and had a blast. We got out of town on Friday afternoon and headed up to Ike Kinswa park in Washington. Justin got out of work late so I packed and loaded up the car by myself. I was so ready to go when he got home. 

Friday night we cooked up some hobo dinners and hung out around the fire. And we got to meet Harley finally :) He is so cute. He was such a good pup. 
Saturday morning we got up early and had some time around the fire...isn't that what camping is all about? We whipped up some omelets in a bag and the boys were itching to get into the lake. 
Then we played plenty of card games and hung out. I think I won the most :p


We didn't shower. Which is like insane for me. I love to shower. So it was pretty nasty for me to go two days without showering. 
Cheers to living in the same state again soon for the first time in NINE years :)

Tim and Justin made some delicious steak for dinner on Saturday and had some smores with Reese's in them :) so good!

We went to bed kind of early and it started to rain. Everything was a little damp, but we stayed pretty dry in the tent. It cleared up a bit in the morning.
Overall it was so much fun! I seriously don't even remember the last time I went camping. Justin absolutely loves it. I love all of it except not showering ;) yes, I'm still stuck on that. 
When we got home I literally walked into the house and walked straight into the bathroom to hop in the shower. I couldn't even handle it for another minute.

The Seahawks were on Sunday night football so of course we watched that and did a ton of laundry. Typical Sunday for us. 
I hope you had a great weekend too!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big Announcement: We're Moving

Eeeeeek! It is finally time for me to share our big news with the blog world. 
We are moving to Seattle!

Through lots and lots of discussion, we decided it is time for us to move to the Seattle area. I was offered a great job up there and we decided it is an opportunity that we cannot pass up. I'm really sad to leave my current job, but I think this will be best for me moving forward and building a career. I will be moving away from finance and into a project coordinator role with a new company. 
We are sad to be leaving Justin's family, but are excited to be closer to mine. It is always a hard thing to juggle. This move will help us be closer to many friends and family members, and will hopefully help us both tremendously in our careers. I seriously feel almost every emotion possible when thinking about this.

Portland has been such a special place for us. Not only did we meet here, but we also had some amazing times here. We are both looking forward to the future!

Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Dinner Party

I'm linking up with Andrea today for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today we are talking about a dream dinner party. 
First of all, I think it would be sooo fun to have a dinner party with all of my favorite bloggers. I mean, I just feel like that would be great. So we could actually plan something like that in real life ;) But here is who would come to my dream dinner party.

Kate Middleton...
Because she is a real life Princess and who wouldn't want to meet her? Plus she could bring her babies and that would be fun.

All of the Kardashian/Jenner clan + Kanye...
Because I mean they are just so pretty. Doesn't everyone want to meet them? Sometimes I dream that I meet them. Probably because I follow all of them on social media and always see their pics before bed. And Kanye too because I mean it would just be too cool to meet him. 

Taylor Swift...
Because she is just amazing. I mean how can you not love her? She is so nice to her fans. She has cute kitties named after TV show characters. She just seems so real. Like I could totally be her BFF. 
Because he just seems so cool. I mean seriously. I don't think you could be much cooler than he is. 

Russell Wilson...
Because GO HAWKS! And hi he is an amazing person.

Beth Stern...
Because she saves all of the kitties! She fosters so many kittens and finds them homes. She has the cutest instagram in the world and seriously has the biggest heart. She made me want to foster the tiny kittens from Justin's work and it was so hard to give them away. I don't know how she does it time and time again. 
Phew, that would make for a pretty weird dinner party, don't ya think? So who is coming to your dream dinner party?? I can't wait to read all of your posts!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Busy Bee Edition

Yay! I didn't forget to take pics this weekend...for once. We had a very busy weekend around here, but it was a great one too. I hope you had a good weekend! Here is what we were up to...

On Friday night some of my favorite children were making my heart want to a good way of course. Elliott (my ring bearer) called me to tell me he was sad I didn't get to hug him goodbye on Friday and he wanted to give me a hug through the phone. Then my mom send me this video of Gracie girl...

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to catch a bit of the Beavs games. They lost :( and then we headed out to watch Tyler and Cole play some football. They had their first games this weekend, so we wanted to make sure they know they have a big cheering squad! Both of them did great. They look like such little men out there on the field. I definitely think of them as little kids still.

After the games, we quickly came home and got ready for Justin's 10 year high school reunion. How crazy is that? We went to very different high schools. Mine had a ton of people and his only had a graduating class of about 60. They all knew each other pretty well, which means I was out of the loop. But I did my wifely duty and went anyway. It was good for him to catch up with all of those people. Afterwards, we headed over to Justin's parents to spend a little time with them.

Sunday morning we woke up to watch the Seahawks game. They pretty much broke my heart with their loss and I resorted to crawling back into bed for a nap. In the afternoon we headed over to our friends Brandon and Tyra's place for a BBQ. It was really fun and we got to meet their families and some of their other friends. 

Then we came home and did the normal Sunday night things. Cleaned up, did laundry, blogged ;) you know, the usual.

I hope your weekend was just as fun filled as ours was! Happy Monday!!

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites #27

Happy Friday!! It is time for Friday Favorites. I will be linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites and April for 5 on Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week. My week has been a bit crazy and hectic!

Shoe Sale and Margarita's with the girls
Twice a year I go to a shoe sale with Davina and Tara. There is usually a long line out front and only a certain number of people can go in at once. There are limited sizes for everything so Tara and I grab everything in our size and Davina searches for her size. It is really fun and kind of crazy because everyone wants the half price shoes. 
 Momma Cat
We finally caught the momma cat and got her spayed this week. She was not even as mean as everyone thought she would be. More than anything she was scared in the cage. But she didn't go to the bathroom in the car or anything. She even let me pet her when she was coming out of the anesthesia. Justin took her back to her home and she was happy as can be with her three remaining kittens. Justin is over me catching cats now. He says no more (insert crying emoji here).
This dress

Okay, have you guys seen all of these Cupshe dresses on Pinterest this week? They totally got me with this one. Their paid ads had me all over ordering this for our trip to Mexico. It is just too cute. And hello, only $20. Yes. Done. 
I have had a lot going on lately (if you haven't noticed from my blogging absence...) and the best way to end my night is always watching Friends in bed. It just never gets old. I go through times where I will watch it allllll theeeee timeeeee. Right now is one of those times.  
My Blardigan (here)
Omg. I get it now. I see why this is a must have. I finally got to wear this last weekend when it was just a bit chilly outside. I was so excited. I didn't even want to take it off when I crawled into bed. I forgot to take a pic :( I decided that I really really want another one. I could just see myself living in them when it is fall! It is the softest most comfortable thing I have ever had on my skin. The one I have now is the red color from the sale. Should I get gray or purple?? 

Happy weekend everyone!