Thursday, September 3, 2015

Corrections & News

After rereading my post from yesterday I decided that I should look at the next book in The Lying Game series. Well when I started looking at it I realized that I had not read the first book. I actually had read "The First Lie" which might sound like the first book in the series, but really it isn't. It is kind of like a prequel or something I guess. Woah. Okay, so I take back what I said about The Lying Game. I will be reading it immediately. 

Second of all, I messed up the link up settings yesterday :( for some reason it was set to only allow 5 people to link up! I'm really sorry if you were trying to link up and couldn't. The first linkup is never perfect, right? We set the linkup to go for a week this time. Feel free to add your links now! Don't forget to check out Molly's blog too :) Hopefully it will be smooth sailing next time.

The next linkup will be on October 7th!

Finally, I didn't do a weekend wrap up this week. But I do have one very important piece of news to share. 
My baby brother and his wife are having a baby :) and my little niece Gracie got to tell all of us on her birthday with her new book. How sweet is that? 

I'm keeping things short and sweet today. 


  1. We had technical difficulties with our link-up too! So definitely the first one is never perfect! Congrats on being an aunt again!!! How can I force one of my siblings to make me an aunt? Hahaha!

  2. Oh my goodness, your niece is so cute!!! Yay on being an auntie again!! :)

  3. such a sweet pic of your niece with the announcement!! Yay for being an aunt again i LOVE babies :)

  4. AWWW that is the cutest announcement ever!! Yay for new babies!!

  5. Eeek! Congrats on being a new auntie again - SO exciting!