Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Things: Scarves

I'm linking up with 2 of my faves, Erika and Andrea, today to talk about our favorite scarves. My list is more of a must buy list. I only have one of these so far. But we will see what my closet looks like by the end of the week...after I read all your posts about scarves. 
Well, if you know me at all you know that I have a serious obsession with scarves. It is really bad. Last year I had to ban myself from buying any scarves at all. But my mom came to my rescue and bought me a bunch for Christmas. I might just have to splurge and buy a few for this year. I mean plaid is I feel like I need a few plaid choices.
I'm seriously loving all of the plaid options. And doesn't everyone need a good blanket scarf? I have one from when I went to China, but I feel like the colors in this one are so different and cute. Love it!

Well I love me some animal print. I have a leopard scarf, but what I love about this one is that the colors are very muted. 

My friend Corinne bought me this scarf a few years ago. It is so big and warm and comfy! I love that you can unbutton it and it can be worn in a million different ways. I can throw it on with just about anything. 

I bought a pink scarf that is similar to this one at Nordstrom back in May. This one comes in a bunch of other colors. I love having a go to black scarf for the winter. I think this just might be the one for this year! 

I saw this fringe scarf on Shay's blog a few weeks ago and have been wanting one ever since. It is just so cute and I feel like it is different from any of the other solid colored scarves that I have.

This one is probably my favorite. It comes in two other colors. I spotted it on Shelly the other day in her Instagram post. It is on sale and I feel like I NEED it asap. I might even stop by Old Navy today because I just want it that bad. 

Yay for scarf season :)


  1. I love a huge, pretty scarf #normallyplaid ha! The lululemon is my fav!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. You NEED number five. I got it for Christmas two years ago because my mom saw it on Pinterest Told Me To (fun fact--my mom read it before me, and she bought me a million things that Christmas from the blog, and that's how I started reading it and then adding tons more blogs!). Anyway, I have a blush color and it is crazy soft and warm and comfy. I want every color.

  3. A big, plaid blanket scarf is my favorite...I would love them in a bunch of different colors!

  4. I am dying to get the lululemon one! Love!

  5. Ohhhh I want that lululemon one so bad. I always see them when I go to their yoga classes. Why can't life be free?? And that BP one that everyone is talking about too!

  6. That Lululemon one might be my favorite, next to the BP one that I plan on buying this season too!