Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites #27

Happy Friday!! It is time for Friday Favorites. I will be linking up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites and April for 5 on Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week. My week has been a bit crazy and hectic!

Shoe Sale and Margarita's with the girls
Twice a year I go to a shoe sale with Davina and Tara. There is usually a long line out front and only a certain number of people can go in at once. There are limited sizes for everything so Tara and I grab everything in our size and Davina searches for her size. It is really fun and kind of crazy because everyone wants the half price shoes. 
 Momma Cat
We finally caught the momma cat and got her spayed this week. She was not even as mean as everyone thought she would be. More than anything she was scared in the cage. But she didn't go to the bathroom in the car or anything. She even let me pet her when she was coming out of the anesthesia. Justin took her back to her home and she was happy as can be with her three remaining kittens. Justin is over me catching cats now. He says no more (insert crying emoji here).
This dress

Okay, have you guys seen all of these Cupshe dresses on Pinterest this week? They totally got me with this one. Their paid ads had me all over ordering this for our trip to Mexico. It is just too cute. And hello, only $20. Yes. Done. 
I have had a lot going on lately (if you haven't noticed from my blogging absence...) and the best way to end my night is always watching Friends in bed. It just never gets old. I go through times where I will watch it allllll theeeee timeeeee. Right now is one of those times.  
My Blardigan (here)
Omg. I get it now. I see why this is a must have. I finally got to wear this last weekend when it was just a bit chilly outside. I was so excited. I didn't even want to take it off when I crawled into bed. I forgot to take a pic :( I decided that I really really want another one. I could just see myself living in them when it is fall! It is the softest most comfortable thing I have ever had on my skin. The one I have now is the red color from the sale. Should I get gray or purple?? 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Chilly outside? Did you say, chilly outside?

  2. Love my blardigan! Friends never gets old, I can watch each episode over & over and they're still so funny!

  3. I could watch Friends every single day - always the best way to relax!

  4. When is your trip to Mexico!? That's so exciting! Friends is such a great show, and still holds up all these years later! Happy weekend Katie!

  5. Yes the blardigan is the most comfy thing ever! I love to watch Friends or the Office (or any good half hour comedy show) in bed before going to sleep.

  6. I am also a fellow Friends lover and blardigan addict! Last winter I fell asleep in mine too many times to count, and several times while I was watching Ross and Rachel argue over if they were on a break or not. ;)

  7. I am in love with the really has lived up to the hype!