Thursday, September 24, 2015

Own It: Eating Habits

I'm joining Christina over at The New Mrs. for Own It today. In this link up we own all of our craziness for others to read. This month I have decided to talk about food. I'm so weird about food. I have been for most of my life. And, if you can't even believe it by the end of this post, I have gotten so much better about it over the years. I'm still slightly nuts about it though. 

****I somehow missed the memo that this link up isn't happening anymore.****

My biggest thing is textures. I cannot eat things that have a weird texture. For example, mushrooms...yeah I'm already gagging just thinking about it. I don't eat any kind of Seafood because it all has a weird texture. My family has always thought that one was the craziest because they all love Seafood. How can you not when you live in the Pacific Northwest? Just no. I can't do it. Oh and then there is the whole yogurt/pudding texture. I can't really handle that either. I always think that yogurt sounds like a great breakfast food. Then it just sits in the fridge until it goes bad. Oh and eggs. Justin loves to eat eggs and omelets. Unless they are scrambled with a ton of cheese, I can't do it.
Another hard one for me is beans. I really don't eat any beans. Okay, well I do eat green beans. But no black beans, refried beans, chili, garbanzo  beans (or hummus), none of that type of stuff. I blame it on my dad actually. When I was a little kid gave me a spoonful of beans and told me it was chunky peanut butter. I will leave out the rest of the story, but he scared me for life. No beans for me.
I also cannot stand touching raw meat. Like sometimes I actually gag. Thank goodness Justin loves to cook. Otherwise we would be living a very vegetarian life. I usually do okay with chicken if Justin takes it out of the package and washes it ahead of time. But other than that, no way Jose!
I'm really weird about desserts too. I'm sure you figured since I'm so weird about pudding and yogurt. Growing up I would not eat cake. I wouldn't come near it. I have since decided that the cake part is great, but the frosting part is what I don't like. It is mostly frosting on store bought cakes when it is really thick. Homemade frosting I love! And then there is cheesecake, which everyone says is so amazing...but I just can't do it. That one comes back to the texture issue. 

Looking at all of these pics just makes me feel sick!

What foods are you weird about? I have way too many, I know ;)

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  1. You're exactly like my husband and I am pretty much the opposite {I'll eat almost anything} which makes cooking for the two of us pretty difficult ha! I basically have to make two different meals!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I did Own It too!! Why isn't the link-up happening anymore??? :(

  3. So interesting!!!! I pretty much eat anything except mine is oysters!! I want to love them, they are so elegant and look so pretty but I just can't .... And when people slurp them out of the shell - gag!!!! Lol

  4. Ugh I hate mushrooms and no one will leave me alone for it! They're like, "Why, they don't taste like anything? They soak up the flavor." IT'S THE TEXTURE, YOU GUYS! So glad someone understands me hahaha. I hate frosting on store bought cake. When I was little I would seriously eat it off of the cake. Now I gag thinking about me doing that haha. I used to hate all seafood but now I'm okay with some fish. Shrimp is ehhh. Also I HATE scallops. Everyone loves them! I think the texture is like chewing the fat from meat (which I also hate and cut every last bit of it off). Oh and I refuse to even try oysters because I think I would legitimately get sick. We like never have chicken because I don't want to touch it haha. If we do make chicken, it's usually frozen, so it's not all gross.

  5. Oh my goodness. All the food you don't like is making me hungry! I am a fan of everything!

  6. I pretty much eat everything but both my boys are picky eaters. One grew out of it a little but the other one is crazy picky. My friend Holly is too and hers is texture like yours so it's kind of helped me be less irritated with him.

  7. That salmon meal looks delicious!! I am all for eggs though, I love any kind of egg. Probably why I'll get cholesterol...

    Also, I looked back at her old post from August, and I think she said she was taking a break, so hopefully, she'll come back and her link up again because I really do like it.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  8. I am so with you on the yogurt/pudding thing! When I eat them I panic and feel like I can't swallow them! So weird since you don't even chew those things! And when I eat rice I always feel hungrier than before I ate. I can't explain it!

  9. I just stumbled on your blog from Northwest Native and had to comment because I SO relate to this post!! I was just lamenting over the weekend that texture issues are possibly my biggest hurdle to healthy eating. The more boring dish is, the better!!