Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday: September Edition

I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer today for What's Up Wednesday!
What we're eating this week...
We have been going out to dinner. Like A LOT more than usual. This is mostly because we are in the process of moving and are trying to make time for as many Portland friends as possible over the past two week. 
What I'm reminiscing about...
Well we have definitely been reminiscing about all of the good times we have had in Portland. We really have loved it here and it has been home for so many years. We are so sad to leave our place! It has just been perfect for us. We are so sad to leave everyone we love here, but we are hoping to find so many new opportunities up there. 
What I'm loving...
Having my own computer :) I just recently started realizing how much J and I argue over the darn thing. I finally bit the bullet and got my own. Since, you know, I really need it for all of my blogging!
What we've been up to...
The past two weekends have been spent with my BFF and her husband. We went camping two weekends ago and we hung out last weekend too. We are so excited to live closer to them and get to spend more time together. 

What I'm dreading...
Packing. Since we will be moving this month we are going to be packing up our whole place. I hate packing. I'm super OCD about it so I don't really even let Justin help that much. I just want to know where everything is when I need it. But it makes for a huge hassle. 
 What I'm working on...
Letting go. Leaving my old job was really really hard for me. I have great relationships with my old coworkers and clients. Leaving was not easy at all. But I know it is what I needed to do for myself. It is still hard because I worry about the clients not being able to reach me. I'm working on letting go and realizing that they will be just fine with all of the others at my old office :)
What I'm excited about...
New job, new city, new opportunities! Ah everything. We are both excited and nervous about it all. But mostly excited. 

And also FALL. I love fall. And I can't wait to wear all of the scarves we all posted about earlier this week. It is torture looking at them and not being able to wear them. 
What I'm watching/reading...
Since I post about reading next week, I will share what I'm watching. The list is REALLY long right about now. 
Grey's Anatomy
How to Get Away With Murder
Dancing with the Stars

What I'm listening to...
We are obsessed with Macklemore's Downtown here in this house.
What I'm wearing...
Since I started my new job this week I have been wearing a lot of these pants:
But mostly dresses :) I HATE PANTS!
What I'm doing this weekend...
Justin and I are going to look at some potential places to live and try to make a more solid plan for moving. Hopefully hanging out with some family too!
What I'm looking forward to next month...
We are going to WSU for the Beavs game and get to hang out with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We had a blast last time we went and we are really excited to go again this year. 
What else is new...
Just about everything. Our life is just nuts right now. 
What's your favorite Halloween tradition...
Okay, so this might be crazy to you all, but I HATE halloween. I never really liked it as a kid either. I never wanted to pick out a costume and I just kind of dreaded it. Maybe it is because my mom hates Halloween too. I don't know. Anyway, Justin has all of these traditions and movies he loves. I just like passing out candy to all of the cute little kids who come to our door. I'm pretty boring ;) 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. There are so many good shows on TV right now! Good luck with getting everything together for the move!

  2. Yay for your move! I know it's a ton of work but I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see what happens on Grey's Anatomy & Scandal this season!

  3. Yay! So much excitement going on! Also YES when do I get to wear scarves, dang it?!

  4. Prayers as you transition Katie! I'm going to check out that song because you are the 2nd blogger I've seen note this today. And I feel ya on the scarves....come on fall.

  5. I just started watching Grey's Anatomy and man I have been missing out! I'm already on season 3! (Guilty of watching one whole season in a day).

  6. I'll be praying for you with your moving transition. I think it's tough leaving familiarity for the the least for me. So kudos to y'all! Also no words for #TGIT eeek :)

  7. Hahaha I hate pants too! There is so much excitement to come even though there are so many unknowns in your move! I hope you love it :)

  8. YOU GOT YOUR OWN COMPUTER! also i think i'm gonna binge watch how to get away with murder because i hear it's good and i'm needing a break from once upon a time binge watching, haha. miss you already <3