Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I Love Reading, and You Can Too!

Molly over at Colors Of Life Blog asked me to guest blog for her "Why I Love ____" series today! Of course, I automatically thought to write about why I love reading. Especially because Molly and I host our Bookworm Wednesday Linkup together, it seemed like the perfect outlet to talk about my love for reading. Pop over to Molly's blog today and say hello!
And...don't forget to link up for Bookworm Wednesday next Wednesday (10/7) and review your latest reads. 


  1. I am definitely linking up for Bookworm Wednesday this month since I've actually read some this time around!

  2. Cant wait for the linkup next month! It's motivating me to finish my current book in time. Lol.

  3. just read your post at Molly's! I've never been in a book club, but maybe you and i should start one once we are both up in seattle??