Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Halloween Costumes

Today I'm ready for another installation of Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea over at Momfessionals. You all better appreciate this post because I just went through EIGHT (no, I'm not exaggerating) boxes of photos in my moms hope chest to find all of these in the very last box. Apparently I started organizing these pics a long time ago...too bad I started with the wrong boxes. 
Anyway, here are a bunch of our Halloween photos. I'm going to try to guess the years.
Maybe 1994 again. I think that I was Princess Jasmine :) Kristopher was obviously Batman.
So cute! Disney love forever.  
1996 I'm not quite sure why I needed to have a green face...
1997 Hahahaha I don't know why my bro was a cell phone. I'm laughing so hard at that. 
1998 I have loved cats since I was a little kid. 
1999 We used to always take these photos in front of the fire place. This was the first year that Kris was allowed to be something scary. Clearly I wasn't on the same page. 
 And then I found some cute fall pictures too :)
And then there is this huge break and then high school...
 And college...

I hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane today. I'm excited to see all of the other Halloween pics!


  1. Hah loving these! Pretty sure I was a hippie that exact same year and my childhood best friend taunts me with the picture evidence of it hahah.
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I loved seeing all your pictures, Katie!

  3. So cute!!!!! I LOVE that your brother was a cell phone hahah!!!!! Such a sign of the times!

  4. Omg the footie pjs that you had in one of your pics I had when I was a little kid and I loved them!! So cool you were able to find all these pictures. There's nothing like a stroll down memory lane :)

  5. I am dying that your brother was a cell phone!!!!

  6. I love these. your mom kept great records of your outfits :) I think I hated taking photos so I stopped taking them when I was about 9, so she has all of these cute photos up until then and then it starts back up at the end of high school/beginning of college and then stops again after college.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. I was Jasmine too one year! Also your brother as a cell phone kills me. That is amazing.

  8. I love seeing everyone's old Halloween photos!! So funny!

  9. Oh my gosh are you a baby in 1997? I think I dressed up as a baby around that time too!! Man what great memories. These costumes remind me so much of my youth. Kids today have way elaborate stuff, but I loved all the home costumes we came up with in the 90's.
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  10. Love these! And I was princess jasmine too, she was my favorite! The scream face and M&M costumes are major flashbacks too, haha.

  11. haha! I can't get over that cell phone - specifically the Zack Morris version! Perfect! I went as a housewife one year complete with a robe and fuzzy slippers! Too much fun!

  12. I totally did the baby costume, too, with the onesie pajamas! So fun!