Monday, November 23, 2015

Cabo Part 3: Nick and Cindy's Wedding!!

Well it isn't Wednesday, but I'm sharing wedding photos anyway. Nick and Cindy had such an amazing wedding. I thought that a destination wedding would be hard to personalize, but Cindy did such an amazing job. It was so beautiful and I could tell how much thought went into each and every detail. Also, I'm sure she had to bring about 100 suitcases to Cabo!
Waiting for the wedding to start = selfie time!
Before we all went down for the wedding
Cindy walking down the aisle looking like a princess with her uncle
How gorgeous is this?? 
And they did it :):)
Yet another wonderful view!
Celebrating with my fave!
Cute little escort cards!
BEAUTIFUL flowers on every table!
Nick and Cindy's first dance.
The Benedicts LOVE The Haskins!
Glow stick party with the bride!
They had a really fun photo booth at the reception. We could take as many pics as we wanted and then they would print them out and give them out on necklaces to everyone who was in the photo. It was so much fun. We may have gone a bit overboard with the pics, but hey, we had a blast. 
Brooke caught the bouquet! 
Girls girls girls
Photobooth with my love!
And my favorite ones of all! We had so much fun with these people!

We had the best time celebrating with Nick and Cindy in Cabo!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Those bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding! That photo booth looks so fun!

  3. I know I would probably gripe about the expense, but I've always secretly wanted an invitation to a destination wedding. Looks like it was amazing!

  4. Your friend looked gorgeous in her wedding dress! Looks like such a fun time, who doesn't love a photo booth?! I love all weddings but destinations weddings are so intimate and filled with activities, I especially love them. :)