Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'm Back: Cabo Part 1

Hi friends! I have been so horrible with my blog lately. I'm SO sorry. Life has been so busy. 

We got home late last night from CABO! It was seriously the best vacation we have ever been on. It was the most amazing resort and it was oh so beautiful. 

We left Seattle last Monday night after work and took the Bolt Bus down to Portland. Since we bought our tickets before we knew we were moving, we had to fly out of Portland. They wanted to charge us sooo much money to change our flights. Julianne came and picked us up and let us sleep over at her house. We got up bright and early on Tuesday morning (okay it was really early, 2:30am) and headed to the airport.

Two flights later, we were in Mexico. We had some time to ourselves before everyone else arrived. We got settled in and headed over to the pool to check the place out. 
Look how pretty!! See the ocean in the background?
 Plenty of selfies on this trip :)
 Gorgeous sunsets every single night! This was just night one.
This was the pretty pretty "garden" view from our room. 

Okay, sorry for the little teaser here. But I'm not on top of my blogging yet and so I will stop with these pretty pictures for today :) more to come!!
In hopes of getting back on schedule I'm linking up with Holly for Waiting on Wednesday!