Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twosday: Fall Make Up

I'm going to join up with Stephanie today for Twosday and talk about two things that I bought last weekend that I'm currently loving

Plumful Mac Lipstick
I have decided that this is my new fall go to lipstick. I seriously love it. It looks really dark when you look at the stick itself, but the sales lady said that is the cool thing about luster lipsticks. Basically, they go on a lot lighter than they look. Here is what it looked like when I wore it yesterday...

Soft Brown Mac Eyeshadow

I don't usually wear a lot of brown eyeshadow, but I think this color might have changed that about me. It is the perfect light brown and it looks good with anything I wear...even my typical black on black. Also, I like it because it stays on. I feel like it looks just as good as it did in the morning when I go to wash my face at night. Most eye shadows don't stay on that well for me. Don't you think it is a great fall color??

My friend Brooke had both of these when we were in Cabo and I just had to get them when we came back. They are the best! 

What are your favorite fall colors? If you tell me I will probably have to buy it.


  1. I love your new lipstick! I will have to check that one out! Love the MAC lip line!

  2. that lipstick looks SO GOOD on you. like it matches your face perfectly. and i love it! and i miss it (your face!)

  3. I looove that lip color! Might have to pick one up myself!