Thursday, March 3, 2016

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE...or really just some dirt {part 1}

This is on our plot of dirt and rocks after we finally found out that we got the house!

Back in January we started house hunting. We weren't in a big hurry, but we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. We met with our realtor and scheduled some time to look at some open houses. Of course, the ones we thought we loved ended up not being our favorite. She took us to one that we thought was way out of the question at the very end. She had a feeling that it was just what we were looking for. We toured it and instantly fell in love. 
We then learned that this was all new construction and we were really just touring a model home. I ABSOLUTELY loved the layout. But new construction wasn't really something we had ever considered. We thought it would be way too expensive to build from scratch and really were uneducated about the entire process and the differences between building and buying an already built house. Then we learned that there were only 2 lots left that would allow for the layout that we loved. And one of those was on the busy street with a large yard (two things we didn't want). And then...the kicker...we found out that 2 other people were planning to put an offer on the lot that same day. 

My first thought was, WOAH we are NOT ready to make a huge decision about this today. I'm the type of person who likes to look at the numbers and really get into all of the possible scenarios before making a decision like this. That night we talked to our realtor probably 5 times and called our financial advisor too. We looked at the situation from every angle. Overall, I wasn't ready to pull the trigger yet, but we wanted to keep looking and see what else was available. 
We looked at some other houses over the next few days and looked into new construction. We wanted to know what our other construction options would be in the area and how we would approach that sort of offer. We found another new construction opportunity that we wanted to discuss with our realtor. She talked to them and found out that there already 2 offers on the one that we wanted and that there would likely be at least 4. This meant that it would sell for WELL over the price of the original new construction house that we liked. We were super bummed. Not only because things were moving so quickly, but because we both really loved the first house.  
The next day, our realtor called us and said that there were ZERO offers on the first house that we loved. It was like a sign. We knew we needed to put an offer on it. We worked with our realtor to work some magic and figured out how we could get the job done. The next day they accepted our offer. Wait what? WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. How did this even happen? Some days I'm still kind of in shock.

So we have gone to visit our little plot of dirt a few times. These pics are all of the model home and construction hasn't even started on our plot yet. The next thing we had to do was go through the process of picking everything out that we wanted in the house. How crazy is that? I never even dreamed of being able to do this. 
I'm going to do another post about the process of making so many choices so you will have to come back to hear about that. For now, we are so so so excited! We cannot wait for construction to start in the next week or two. It is just the most perfect house for us :) I know that some people (and of my friends who are probably reading this) have a much more difficult time with the buying process. We just feel so lucky that things worked out the way that they did.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bookworm Wednesday - February 2016 Reads

It is time for Bookworm Wednesday with Molly!! One of my favorite linkups, but hey I'm a little biased. I'm 4 books behind on my goal for this year. I need to get cracking. I also need to read books that I can't put down. Have any suggestions for me??

#3 Behaving Like Adults By Anna Maxted
Okay, sorry to all of you who are looking for good books to read. THIS IS NOT IT! I did not like this book. The premise of the book is a really sad one. You all know what my opinion is on sad books. I always talk about it. I like happy books! This was not happy. It was really sad. I mean there was a somewhat happy ending. But it is about very heavy and sad topics. It took me FOREVER to get through this book. I just wanted to finish it to feel like the main character had closure to everything that happened. I was glad I finished it. I did like the characters, but just the entire idea of the book was overly sad.

#4 He Killed Them All By Jeanine Pirro
So this sounds pretty sad too, right? Well of course it is kind of sad, but if you have seen The Jinx you already know about all of the sad/creepy parts. After watching The Jinx I was pretty much obsessed with everything that comes out about this case. I just find it to be very interesting. I also thought it would be interesting to hear about it from Jeanine's point of view. She tried to prove for years that he was a murderer and seemed to always come up a little short. I like reading about this stuff and learning how this man was walking free for so long when he obviously killed multiple people. Sometimes this kind of stuff is so fascinating to me. Also, another one of my goals this year was to read different types of books besides just the regular old best seller fiction. I definitely enjoyed this one even though it doesn't meet my favorite reading criteria. 

Also, I recently got a Good Reads account when Shelfari merged with them. You can follow me to see what I have been reading. I have no friends on there so be my friend and tell me what to ready ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tell Us About It: Favorite Winter Activities and Memories

Happy March!! How crazy is it that we are in MARCH?? Today I'm joining up with some of my favorite ladies for our Tell Us About It Linkup! Today we are talking about our favorite winter activities and memories. Check out my cohosts (and 2 of my FAVORITE blogs) Julie and Mattie!

Lately my favorite activity is NOT riding the train to work and walking 9 blocks when its cold and dark out. wanted to know what my favorite activities are...not what I don't like!

My favorite activity lately has been spending time with my niece and nephew. My nephew was born a few weeks ago and I have spent plenty of time over at my brothers house cuddling with their new baby boy. 

How cute is he? Plus my niece is 2 and is absolutely hilarious. We have spent a lot of time with them lately and have loved every minute of it!

I have also been trying to get caught up on shows while it has been so rainy! I saw a preview for Younger and thought I would give it a try. It is pretty funny. I have really enjoyed it. I also made my mom watch a few episodes with me and now she is hooked too :) I started watching Fuller House today as well. It is really cute, but it does make me feel really old!! 

Every weekend Julie asks me to go hiking (probably what her winter activities are!) and every weekend I say I want to go. But I always end up having too much to do. Or try to avoid the rain! I'm such a homebody. Especially when work is really busy during the week, I just want to lay around all weekend. One time I went hiking :) It was snowy! So that kind of counts right??

Does anyone else feel like it really isn't winter if it doesn't snow?? It hasn't snowed or even come close to snowing here all year. So, in the spirit of seeing no snow so far this winter, I thought I would show some winter pics that make me smile :)

Rain rain rain rain all the timeeee!