Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bookworm Wednesday - February 2016 Reads

It is time for Bookworm Wednesday with Molly!! One of my favorite linkups, but hey I'm a little biased. I'm 4 books behind on my goal for this year. I need to get cracking. I also need to read books that I can't put down. Have any suggestions for me??

#3 Behaving Like Adults By Anna Maxted
Okay, sorry to all of you who are looking for good books to read. THIS IS NOT IT! I did not like this book. The premise of the book is a really sad one. You all know what my opinion is on sad books. I always talk about it. I like happy books! This was not happy. It was really sad. I mean there was a somewhat happy ending. But it is about very heavy and sad topics. It took me FOREVER to get through this book. I just wanted to finish it to feel like the main character had closure to everything that happened. I was glad I finished it. I did like the characters, but just the entire idea of the book was overly sad.

#4 He Killed Them All By Jeanine Pirro
So this sounds pretty sad too, right? Well of course it is kind of sad, but if you have seen The Jinx you already know about all of the sad/creepy parts. After watching The Jinx I was pretty much obsessed with everything that comes out about this case. I just find it to be very interesting. I also thought it would be interesting to hear about it from Jeanine's point of view. She tried to prove for years that he was a murderer and seemed to always come up a little short. I like reading about this stuff and learning how this man was walking free for so long when he obviously killed multiple people. Sometimes this kind of stuff is so fascinating to me. Also, another one of my goals this year was to read different types of books besides just the regular old best seller fiction. I definitely enjoyed this one even though it doesn't meet my favorite reading criteria. 

Also, I recently got a Good Reads account when Shelfari merged with them. You can follow me to see what I have been reading. I have no friends on there so be my friend and tell me what to ready ;)


  1. I don't mind sad books if they have a nice plot to them. Killing, murders, not so much. I like the fact that you are trying different styles of writing and branching out in this way. I always like to do that too. Thanks for this month's party.

  2. Yay for Wednesday!!! I am glad you let us know that the first book is terrible. At least I know not to waste my time with it. I have never heard of The Jinx, but i'm also not into the sad and creepy stuff so if you say that next book has it....I don't know about that!! :) Haha!