Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - April 2016 Reads

Happy Wednesday! Look I made it to the blogging world today! I'm slowly but surely trying to get back on track. Things are just so crazy around here. Between the new house and work and commuting and having all of our stuff in storage, life is just in the way. 

April was another slow book month for me. Unfortunately, I only got through one book. I'm definitely not on track to meet my reading goal this year. But, I did start a new book on Sunday. So hopefully I will have more for ya next month :)

#7 Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner
I didn't realize that this was a brand new book until I went to get the photo of it for this post. I guess it just came out last month. As you noticed in my last Bookworm Wednesday Post, I just got the memo about Jennifer Weiner books being awesome. I really liked the book I read last month (All Fall Down) and decided to pick up another one of her books. 

Well surprise surprise, I really liked this one too. It took me a while to actually dive into it, but that was mostly because I have been so tired when I hit my pillow lately. Once I started reading more of it I couldn't put it down. The two main characters were so interesting and they had such a sweet history. I really loved how the book described their relationship even though their lives kept changing and involving other people. I felt like certain parts were very relatable while others really made you think about life from another perspective. I also loved that the book started out with something that happened towards the very end so you kind of had to guess along the way what was going to happen. I loved the ending and I loved the book! It was light and held my attention. Perfect chick lit type book :)


  1. Couldn't wait to share my book this month. I think you ladies will really like it. Thanks for hosting. Look forward to reading your reviews.

  2. May have been slow, but at least we are reading! See, I do part children's books too so can count them in on my lists!! I love to read but just not enough time amidst all.
    Thanks for hosting this.