Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites #31

Hi friends! I hope all of you have had a great week. I'm so excited for this long weekend. I definitely need some rest and relaxation in my life! Here are my faves for this week:
This Video
My mom came in my room laughing so hard and told me that I needed to watch this video. I hate when people tell me to watch something because I feel like I have to think it is funny like they do. Anyway, we started watching it and I didn't think it was that funny...but then after a minute or so I could not stop laughing. My cheeks hurt from watching this. So, enjoy!


I'm obsessed. We finally broke down and got a Ninja (which I totally said was unnecessary, but trust me it is wayyy better than the $20 one at Target). Anyway, we have been having smoothies all the time and I love it. I found a recipe for my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie on pinterest :) and I have been adding spinach. How healthy?  
Image Search App
I discovered this app called Image Search this week. I found these chairs and a table that I loved and couldn't find them anywhere on the internet. I had pictures of both of them. Anyway, I uploaded the pics into this app and it found them for me! How insane is that? I think you can do this on google somehow too, but I always forget how. 

My CHAIRS! Eeeek!

Okay, so I found these chairs that I loved on Zulily and I waited a whole day to make up my mind on whether or not we should get them. Then bam they were gone. I showed them to Justin and we really wanted them for our living room. I have been checking Zulily every day to see if they came back in stock and it has been like a month. I have been trying to find them everywhere. I FINALLY found them at Target of all places. 
Bachelorette is Back!

Woohoo!! It is starting to feel like summer time with this coming back on. I'm so excited to see what happens this season.

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