Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - May 2016 Reads

Hi friends. Thanks for dropping by the link up today. I hope you are able to link up with us. If not today, then mark your calendars for Wednesday July 6th!! Don't forget to check out my cohost, Molly's, May reads too!

Last month I decided to try and get ready for summer with some summertime reads. Elin Hilderbrand is just amazing. End of story. I'm so glad that she has so many more books for me to read. 

#8 The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand
Oh my gosh I loved this book. Elin Hilderbrand has not disappointed me yet. This book is about so many different things, it really has it all. The setting and the characters immediately drew me in and me wish I was on some island for the summer. I think a trip to Nantucket is in my future :) What I don't get is how each of Elin's stories take place in the same place, but they are ALL so different. It blows me away. This book talked about so many different stories and issues within two families and ultimately how it all comes crashing down because of a bunch of rumors. I loved it!

#9 The Beach Club by Elin Hilderbrand
Again, Elin Hilderbrand for the win. Is it summer yet? I feel like it is when I'm reading these books. There are so many different stories going on within this book. Somehow, they are all easy to follow along with. I found myself rooting for each of the characters in different ways and I loved each of their stories. Each character was able to grow and change in a different way based on everything that happened in one summer. There are plenty of happy and sad things in this book, but you know I'm a sucker for a good ending. I was a little blown away by one of the final pieces of the puzzle! I felt so many different emotions. This is really a perfect summer read.