Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Worm Wednesday - July 2016 Reads

I'm on my own this month with Book Worm Wednesday as my girl Molly takes some time off from blogging. I only got through one book last month with all of the moving activities going on. We had so much exciting stuff to do! Hopefully there will be more next month!

#12 Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
Do you guys know about the shadowhunter world?? I'm obsessed. I have loved these books for years and am never disappointed by the next ones that come out. Yeah, I'm definitely super nerdy for liking them. And yeah, a lot of my friends say they are too far out there. But I think they are awesome. I love that this series takes characters from the previous ones and builds on their stories. I also love that all of the books and each different series will tie in some of the same characters as well. This author is always surprising me with the tricks up her sleeve. I love all of these characters and the little world that the author creates :)